To all my friends here in paradise. I am going to miss you all till I come back again. George you gave me the experience I've waited for for almost 50 years, and it was everything I hoped it would be. I'll never be the cowboy you are, but I'm partway there. Paula, George is lucky to have you, you are great fun and laugh at my jokes...... ! Rosann thank you for your company and "fab" food, I have to go on a diet now but I loved the mashed potato ......., and there is Ulrikakakaka, you just stole my see you again one of these days, John from England

So meine Lieben, die Zeit ist gekommen 'auf wiedersehen zu sagen'...... Ich bedanke mich ganz herzlich beim La Reata team & all den lieben Menschen die meinen Aufenthalt hier zu etwas ganz besonderem gemacht haben. Ich habe hier neben all den schoenen Momenten, lustigen Ereignissen, froehlichen Feiern & tollen Ausritten, eine innere Ruhe gefunden, wie ich sie nur selten erlebt habe. Ich wuensche euch allen noch eine tolle Zeit & alles Gute. Liebeste Gruesse, Sandra from Germany

An experience of peace, friendship, warmth and humour. It was a week of firsts and bonding. I did not feel catered too, I felt like a friend, not only to the other guest but also to the staff. Our brand will remain as will our memories. Clint & Cassiee (the little cowgirl)....... from Ottawa and Montreal

Home is where your heart is..... I don't know what I can say..... words aren't enough after these 3 weeks.... I can't believe that I have to leave tomorrow. I love you! Thanx for everything, I will never forget you! Rosann - best cook ever :) , Paula - see you later Aligator :) , Ulrika - cutest 'butterfly' killer ever :) , George - you know who you are :) , yours Kristina from Germany

Three days here feels like barely enough. Next time we will make it a week or longer. You are the consumate host and easily made us feel welcome from the moment we arrived. Thank you so much for hosting us! We cannot wait to come back. Warm regards, Jenn and Stephan from Canada

To George, Ulrika, Paula and Rosann, Matthew enjoyed being the "best" at everything. Alistar will be able to take home his steer roping skills to show the UK famos at home how to do it! Ellie will be wanting a knee board for on the farm pit. Gill will just keep trying, go with the flow and provide the entertainment in watersports! We have all had an enjoyable holiday and thanks to you all for making us so welcome  and maybe George will find the buffola one day!! Matthew, Ellie, Gill and Alistar...from Chester England

Thank-you again! This year visit was as wonderful as the first one! Great horses, food and company and a fantastic host. George you have a wonderful ability to make everyone, young & old, feel special! The Betty and Lucy Team will be back next year....Debbie and Lucy from Borden, SK 

What a beautiful place you have found and built here. We wish we could stay longer and hope to be back one day for a longer stay. The natural beauty combined with your amazing horses, fun activities, great food, and warm hospitality make this a place we will not soon forget. Hope to se you soon, Thanks for everything! Adam and Angela... from Kitchener, Ontario

A big hug and thank you very much for a wonderful week at La Reata Ranch. We enjoyed the beautiful area, the great, fantastic food, the very nice people (Ulrika, Elina and George). The fun rides and funny eveneings in the Saloon. We hope to be back soon! Thank you so much for the best days in our life! Kindest regards, Andrea and Ice tea Sam....from Switzerland

Thank you all the nice people on the Reata Ranch. So much fun! Merci a toute I'equpe (George, Elina and Ulrika) heart! Sur le dos de Bandit tout etait wonderful! See you soon...Manon and Eric, The French people.... from France

.........still waiting for supper and a beer! What a day we have had today! First some hard work, loading and unloading hay bales. Nice to be able to help out. Then a short ride to the main ranch for some playing around in the arena! Yehaw! Every way is a good way, every day here is a good day! Thank you for your hospitality! Britta from Sweden

Thanks for a really, really wonderful stay at your ranch! I will never forget it, stays in my heart forever! Love you, your horses, the food and everything that goes with it. Cropy, what am I going to do without you! If you ever come to Sweden you can stay at my place! Hugs to you all, George, Ulrika,Elina, Sara and Paula! You're the best! And a special one to the flying Mister Holland, see you in the Sweden next year! Vickan from Sweden

Liebe La Reata Crew! Der Aufenthalt auf Eurer Ranch war wunderschoen. Der Ausritt hat mir besonders gefallen. Ich habe eine Menge Eindruecke mitnehmen koennen. Die Naturund die Tierwelt sind hier besonders schoen. Die Abende im Saloon waren immer lustig. macht weiter so!! Christin und Werner (Hoss) aus Laatzen bei Hannover, Germany

Als wir ankamen hatte man da sGefuehl, das man ueberall haben moechte: das 'Willkommen' sein! Das Essen war brillant, die Pancakes, Cookies, Muffins und das zarte Fleisch. Zuerst aber Danke an alle die zum warmen, satten, zufriedenem Gefuehl beigetragen haben: Sarah (hmmm - Essen), Ulrika (Thanks for the help by riding), George (best wrangler), Elina (Thanks for the help to feel home), Durengo (mein Pferdchen, das mich immer ueber jeden Huegel getragen hat) und alle anderen Gaeste, die mich mit Ihrem Laecheln begruesst, Spass gehabt haben und mich verabschiedet haben. Das reiten, der Lunch, Das Gelaende, das so gross war das man es nier ueberblicken kann, alles hat dazu gefuehrt, das ich immer gern zurueckkommen werde. Be perfect, be you, believe you, be La Reata Ranch! Thanks, Katy Schmitz und Andi from Germany

Crew La Reata Ranch
The last few years I have been around the world, Bali Tanzania, Kenya, Gambia, America, and every holiday is special and brings memories but this one is “different special”. Thanks..... Henk from The Netherlands

There is no more to say than THANK YOU and that I had an absolutely great time. These last two weeks were so funny, a lot of new experiences, many nice people and thank god great weather (many wind and sun burns). Thank you George, Anja, Frank, Sarah, Sam, Ulrika and not to forget GUS! Don’t change and all the best!..... Julia from Bavaria Germany

What should I say? I couldn’t say that these 2 weeks were better than the last 2 years. Every visit had something special and was unforgettable. But I have to say that the time at this wonderful place went by too fast and I have to leave again. Thanks to Sarah, Sam, Ulrika, Anja, George, Frank and “Barney Boy” for this wonderful time at La Reata. I had so much fun and will keep these memories in my heart till I come back again. Take care of you, big hug….. Steffi from Bavaria Germany

Once again back here after some years I found everything unchanged, as it was for years. I feel here like at home and I am sure to come back for several times. Thanks for all to the people living here and to all the horses...... Johanna from Vienna

I am sitting outside of the cookshack right now-looking down on the cabins and the beautiful view over the lake. Sun is shining in my face and at all of the hills. Couldn’t be a better morning. Oh, I forgot, couldn’t be a worse morning, cause I am going home and have to leave all this behind. Thank you so much for making this the best experience I’ve had. The roping you showed us yesterday, all the great rides, the absolutely delicious food, the spectacular nature and of course, all of the wonderful horses….Especially Silver…always gonna remember it all. I have never before felt so peaceful and welcoming as during my stay here with you guys. So thanks again. Lots of love from a nearly crying Swedish girl….. Martina - Ps. If I suddenly get a bag of money I am coming for Silver!

The days at La Reata were once again something very special! We take the memories and will keep them in our hearts and our soul! Thanks to George, Sarah, Sam. And Brit – and take care of you!!..... Nina and Christina from Austria

3 weeks, the best time we ever had! Horseback riding swimming, and relaxing, that’s all we have wanted. And more than this we got! It was a great time! Thank you George, Sarah, Sam and Brit for all!  The meals were delicious! The horses Mr. Blue and Oreo are our favourites. We hope to see you all again!..... Katie and Monika from Germany 

A second visit with very high expectations……. We had the best time ever!! Thanks for everything..... Alon, Tali, Yuval, Odet, Michel from ISRAEL

Fritz 1 and George 2, Bavaria - Best wishes for you from the Bavarian dudes George and Fitz! It was a great time! The Staff was perfect and the chief was perfect too!..... Fritz and Schorsch, Germany

Thank you George, Sabine, Naemi, “Curly” J, Sam Sarah and Ulrika for the wonderful time on LA REATA RANCH. It’such a fantastic place here, the time was to short and I am so sad that I have to leave……

Thank you for to feel like I am part of your family. Thank you for the best cooking, ( I love your French toast and pancakes….) in the world. The great rides, in the fantastic countryside (especially the cattle drive) with my both good friends Gus and Mr. Blue. The exiting visit of a rodeo, the funny evenings in the saloon…..thank you so much for all! I never have experienced so wonderful, nice, great and fantastic things before!!! It was so nice to meet you all and I hope I will see you soon again!!!..... Birgit from Germany

Once again thank you so much for a wonderful holiday. I must say your ‘Board of Directors’ have done a great job looking after me – even if thanks to Sarah my jeans are too tight and wrangler Ulrika sent me to the dog house!! I will always remember ‘ heels down’ but will probably forget once I get on a horse again. Anyway hope to see you again for the branding next year if I manage to master the roping – guess I had better put in a lot of practice..... Love Karen, England


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