The most peaceful place we´ve ever seen combined with overwhelming hospitality! Thank you for this wonderful place, the lovely horses and the great time at La Reata!

Regina, Isabel & Peter


Once again thank you to everyone at La Reata. Another holiday I won´t forget, fabulous food, fabulous people and many new friends to stay in my heart forever.

Aunty Sherley (everyone needs one!)


Thank you very much for a week full of great rides, gentle horses, nice people, laughter, amazing landscapes and new friends! We will take home a lot of great memories and we will miss the great team as well as the delicious food!!

All the best,

Half & Half and Wild Child (aka the Swiss Girls)


A tout le personnel de La Reata Ranch,

un gros merci pour vos bons soins, votre beau ?, votre hospitalité, la bonne cousine de Kristin et les bons chevaux.

Claude & Jaeques from Quebec



Dear George, Elina, Kristin, Laura and Slim

Thank you for the wonderful week we had here! When we arrived and read in this book how magical this place is we were so excited to start our week. And just so you know: this is indeed a magical place with the most amazing people. We are going to miss it here and hope to see you again someday.

Special thanks for lots and lots of chocolate ;)

Big hug,

Juliëtte and Marleen 


Dear George, Elina, Kristin, Laura and Slim

Thank you very much for two wonderful weeks. We learned new things about western riding and the rides were fantastic.

Nach diesen Ferien kann man nur schwer Abschied nehmen. Die Abende im Saloon und die Tischkicker-Battles gegen Elina waren großartig. Vielen Dank für die Gastfreundschaft und die Möglichkeit, mit so tollen Menschen (und natürlich Pferden)  Zeit verbringen zu können. Selbst die Moskito-Invasion konnte die offene und lustige Stimmung nicht dämpfen.

And a special thank you to Kristin for the delicious food.

Love to the La Reata team and Hollywood,

American Kid Leti


Thank you so much for doing so much and taking such good care of my mum and I. This was a perfect place for us to meet, hang out and catch up. There are so many special moments and memories, it is exactly what I wanted.

My soul feels full.

Take care of yourselves and Bandit and have a great season.

Love Nancy from Toronto27/5/15


A real wise man has more dreams than the reality is able to destroy. Here I had the chance to life a dream for two weeks.

Thank you George and staff.

Thomas (the General)


Ich finde es ganz toll hier, das Reiten, so lange Reiten und vor allem wenn wir abends im Sonnenuntergang Kühe treiben. Es macht alles so viel Spaß, die Pferde sind so lieb, die Hunde machen Spaß. Das Essen ist immer so lecker, ganz ehrlich, die La Reata Ranch ist die schönste Ranch.



Wonderful facility! So proud of what you are doing for Saskatchewan. I really enjoyed my stay.

Thank you, Beverly


Dear Elina, Lisa, George, Kristin and Slim,

Thank you all so much for the lovely stay at the La Reata Ranch! It was wonderful to finally experience the real ranch life and to finally get on a horse and just ride on and on and on! You all made my experience an unforgettable one, and of course, Gus was just a prince :)

Thank you for the confidence, the laughs, and all the great scenery! It was truly an unforgettable experience and I would love to come back!

Love always, Colleen


When my mother told me that we would visit  ranch I had no idea what it would be like…

But this place…it looks like in a movie! And not just the place is wonderful, the people are even more wonderful. Seriously we love you guys!

Ich weiß, dass das nicht oft der Fall ist, aber wirklich jeder hier ist toll. Macht alles genauso weiter wie bis jetzt!!!

Philip, Noelle and Mom


My bucket list just got shorter. The stay at La Reata gave me all I wanted from a ranch stay! Great horses, beautiful landscapes, funny host, crazy guests, cows, more cows, and the best food ever! Thank you Kristin, you are the most amazing person and the most amazing cook; watch out Martha Stewart! Thank you Elina, Lisa and Brendan for your care and company. Thank you George for having us be part of your adventure. And last but not least, thank you Croppy!

Hope to see you all again,

lots of love and hugs Glenn


Thank you all so much for letting us be part of your amazing country/western life. I truly enjoyed the breathtaking landscapes, awesome wildlife and warm & cozy embrace of the family-love you are sharing.

Dear Elina, many thanks for the patience and lots of help during the riding. You made it lots easier for me on the rides.

Dear Lisa, thank you so much for your care and seeing eye.

Thank you, amazing Benson!

Dear Kristin, thank you so much for the amazing food, your patience and the care while I stayed at the house ; not only a wonderful cook but caring nurse as well!

Dear George thank you so much for letting us be part of your family ; you have a wonderful place of love and peace and thank you all for all the love and patience, We’ll be back for sure.

Lots of love and hugs, Joe

Wonderful trip. Great food, company and riding. One of the few trips I wasn´t homesick by the time we left.

Love, McKenzie & B.J.

Thank you so much for the incredible mother-­‐daughter weekend! Avery and I had an absolutely wonderful time. Gus and Bandit were the perfect horses for us. You, your team and all your other guests made us feel so welcomed. As soon as we arrived we felt like we were walking into the home of a family.
The view, the atmosphere, the wonderful food… it all made for a perfect weekend! Well maybe the foosball games could have been better ;)
We will definitely come back!
Melanie & Avery (Season 2014)

Our stay will be a family memory that will last a life time. George has gone above and beyond with our kids. This place and food and friendliness have exceeded all of our expectations. I cannot say enough about this experience!!!
Brad Park (Season 2014)

Many thanks for an excellent horse riding experience! Mee<ng new folks from far places at La Reata was very special too! Great meals, lots of fresh air and wonderful memories! Thank you!
Ed & Jack Beth -­‐  Moose Jaw (Season 2014)

Second time around, loved everything. Thanks to all the hard working team at La Reata Ranch. See you at round-­‐up!! Love you all!
Lorri  -­‐  Ontario  (Season  2014)

My dreams was to go to a ranch and experience “cowboy life”.
Thank you George, Elina & Gisele for making my stay even better than I could ever dream for! It has been one wonderful experience, surely I will try to come back to La Reata and hope our paths will cross again.
A big hug!
Susanne  -­‐   Netherlands  (Season  2014)

Thank you once again George and staff for a wonderful weekend of great riding (I love Oreo!), fantastic company and awesome food! I just love this place and hopefully can come for longer next year!
All the best!
Debbie  -­‐   Saskatchewan  (Season  2014)

George and the La Reata Team,
Thank you so much for the unmatched hospitality you have shown us here. I wish we had more days to spend here, but we will be back.
Thank you for the delicious food, every meal was a surprise and I had the chance to try a new spin on classic foods!
We loved gettng to know our horses Bandit & Silver and although we are extremely sore today. It was the most beautiful adventurous and unique way to learn how to ride horses.
Thank you for everything you have taught us and shared with us!
Jason  &  ChrisHne  -­‐   Ontario  (Season  2014)

George & the La Reata Ranch team,
Thank you for a wonderful weekend. You guys took great care of us. We really enjoyed riding and the great company. The location is beautiful, the cabin was very clean and comfortable. Thanks again!
Tamara, Lauren & Sophie -­‐  Regina (Season 2014)

George & Elina,
Thank you for the best ten days a person could ever wish for. This is a very special place and the La Reata Team and the beau<ful horses will always be in my thoughts. (Ginger and Wilton too of course) I am leaving with great sadness but thanks to everyone here (my fellow guests included) a much happier person than when I arrived! I´m taking JC, Teepee and Bandit away with me in my heart but a horse could never have a beEer come than here!!
All my love and see you next year I hope.
Gail -­‐  UK (Season 2014)

Good times!
Dear Elina, George, Gisele, Hollywood and Ohio, Thanks so much for making the last two weeks full of good times, great rides, lots of laughs, delicious food, cozy nights at the Saloon simple a great
Manuela  &  MaRhias  -­‐   Switzerland  (Season  2014)


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