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Special Events 2021/2022

Season Opening - TBD

First week of the season: Guests will get the taste of cowboys daily spring jobs while calves still come to life. Join us on our daily horseback trips to the pastures to check the herd, treat or eartag new born if necessary. Fences need to be checked and fixed. The cattle facilities at the headquarters need to be prepared and set up for the upcoming branding.

Branding The Offspring - (between May 30 and June 9 of 2022) 10 night minimum stay! 

One of the most popular times at the ranch is early June, when the cattle are rounded up on horseback for an old-time authentic branding. Altogether we move the herd from the pastures to the main ranch. A long day in the saddle with lots of fun and action. The next day is branding day and every hand is needed. Everyone interested has the chance to learn how to rope and to participate in the hard work of the cowboys, like wrestling the calves. Guests should plan to visit for at least ten days in order to become acquainted with the operation and their horse before branding day. The actual round up and branding will take place approx. between June 5 and June 8!

Season Ending - October 9 (Round Up Week - October 2 - October 9) Round up week 2022 (October 3 to October 10) 

With temperatures dropping and fall arriving the season comes to an end. Our herd of cattle have to be rounded up on horseback and driven from the summer pastures to the headquarters of the ranch. The cattle will be counted, checked, vaccinated (if necessary) and moved back out into the same or a different pasture. This is a great adventure for guest who love to ride and learn some skills on handling and driving cattle. 



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